Dandelion Air Flow

Breath on Air Flow Sounds

Most Asians don’t use enough breath on “air flow” sounds in English. Which sounds are these? They are the sounds that sound “breathy” a bit when native speakers talk. Have you ever noticed which sound lasts longer?

The voiceless ones like:

  • Ffffeeling ffffanssssy (feeling fancy)
  • Fffffirsssst thththththingssssss ffffirsssst (first things first)
  • Fffffocusssss on the pozzzzzitivvvve (focus on the positive)
  • Ssssomeththththing sssspeshshshshial (something special)

Notice which sounds are longer in conversation, and practice deliberately releasing air specifically on those sounds. You will notice your speech increases in voice time and sounds more pleasurable to listeners. This will make your speech sounds more measured (less rushed) and the timing will be better. The intonation will be easier to control with breath.

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