Executive Presence Business Suit

Conducted by Rebecca Linquist

What is Executive Presence? 

Simply put, Executive Presence is a desired quality that allows a person to project a polished, professional, yet empathetic persona in any situation, clearly and effectively communicate at all levels, and inspire confidence and trust in others.

Executive Presence is often defined as having 3 elements:

  1. Appearance
  2. Communication
  3. Gravitas

According to Melinda Marshall, senior vice president at the Center for Talent Innovation and author of a book entitled Executive Presence, “Gravitas is overwhelmingly the most important aspect of executive presence, and the bulk of that trait is shown through confidence and the ability to show grace under fire.” (ThinkAdvisor, 2014).

Gravitas, however, is a somewhat nebulous quality that is difficult to define. We can tell when others have it; we can tell when they don’t, but how do we identify specific behaviors that we do or don’t possess so we create change? Stop the “undesired” behaviors and ignite the “desired” behaviors?

How can a person acquire “Executive Presence” – especially “gravitas”?

At English by the Hour, we can help you acquire the following qualities in support of 1) appearance, 2) communication and 3) gravitas:

  • Powerful Presence
  • Powerful Breathing
  • Powerful Voice
  • Powerful Speech

What programs can I enroll in to acquire these skills?

We offer both small group sessions and 1-1 coaching. Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

What do the programs include?

  • A diagnostic process to identify your underlying patterns to create change in your overall presence, breathing, speech & voice quality
  • Slowing down your pace naturally without trying to deliberate slow your thoughts or rate of speech
  • Standing and moving with poise, control, and confidence
  • Sending a clear message that accurately conveys your intent, free of unclear thoughts and circular logic
  • Speaking during stressful situations and interactions with calm and dignity
  • Digging “deeper” to reveal your patterns and correct your posture, breath and vocal habits to enable powerful presence, breathing & vocal strength.

Online Executive Presence Coaching (Internet Coaching):

Coaching for Executive Presence can be done separately or in conjunction with accent / speech coaching. It includes a diagnostic session followed by behavioral change sessions to enact change based on the areas defined in your diagnostic session.

Small In-Person Group Sessions:

Small group sessions of 6-8 participants allow you to work on your body posture, breath and voice quality while interacting with others. We offer sessions on Saturdays and Tuesday/Thursday evenings. If you are interested in small group sessions, please let us know.

1-on-1 Executive Context Coaching in Executive Presence. Develop powerful presence, powerful breath, and a powerful voice in support of acquiring the 3 desired qualities of Executive Presence: appearance, communication & gravitas.
  • Initial consultation and diagnostic meeting
  • Analysis of behavior to identify underlying patterns related to presence, breath, voice and movement
  • Experiential, pattern changing sessions designed to create lasting and sustainable change in Executive Presence: appearance, communication & gravitas
  • Exercises for practice between sessions
  • Video progress checks to monitor the change process

All Sessions conducted by a Behavioral Change Coach trained in how to create and sustain changes to manifest Executive Presence.

*Please inquire for details on specific pricing

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