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If you feel you lack confidence when you speech, coaching may be the missing ingredient. All of us have blind spots, and personal coaching with an expert in what non-native speakers need can make all the difference. Perhaps you want to make a pitch to VCs for funding, or maybe you need to speak to your Board of Directors about the technology your team is developing. Whatever the need, we can help you craft and deliver your content in American English with clarity, confidence, and candor.

<a href="">Rebecca Linquist</a>

Rebecca Linquist

American English Speech Coach: Voice, Accent & Presence
<a href="">Bud Everts</a>

Bud Everts

American English Speech Coach: Accent, Presence & Public Speaking

Meet our experienced coaches … We help foreign-born professionals speak with clarity & confidence … We help executives develop dynamic presence … Experience the difference … Let us help you accelerate change & develop your potential!