American Accent Conversation

Continue to Speak with Confidence!
Prerequisite: The 10 session American Accent Acquisition course is required prior to taking the Advanced course.

Course OutlineThis course is designed to follow the first accent reduction course. It includes more specific phonetic exercises designed to address core problem areas non-native speakers face, air flow exercises for continuant sounds, advanced word stress and vocabulary work, and more in depth intonation patterns, as well as an opportunity to get continued feedback on self-correction and transfer of techniques learned in the first course.

Topics include:

  • Contrastive vowel articulation exercises
  • Words spelled the same way but pronounced differently
  • Exercises to distinguish voiced and voiceless continuants, as in words like “another or suspicious”.
  • In-depth post-vocalic /l/ and /r/ exercises
  • Pronunciation of US states & cities
  • Pronunciation of country names worldwide
  • Word stress exercises for multi-syllabic words and word families
  • Advanced Intonation Patterns & Dialoging


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