Enrich your Active Vocabulary & Gain Credibility

  • Learn to make word lists that are relevant to your daily conversations and presentations and pronounce common challenge words clearly.
  • Identify words that will help you “get to the next level” and add them to your word lists.
  • Look for patterns in your challenge words and categorize them to make your practice more focused and results-oriented.
  • Cultivate a list of useful challenging expressions by putting the words from your lists in context in ways you will frequently use them to speed your recall time in real time.
  • Read relevant articles with your Coach, selected for and customized to your vocabulary level to assist you in gaining a richer vocabulary with easy recall in daily usage.
  • Practice speaking “impromptu” on topics your Coach challenges you with, gaining more comfort and confidence to use the new words you are learning in real life scenarios while actively forming thoughts.
  • Work with your Coach to develop an easy to follow step-by-step plan to continue improving your vocabulary actively on a regular basis.

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