Rebecca Linquist + Bud Everts

Our Core Competencies Include:

American Accent Training: Pronunciation, Word Stress & Intonation based on detailed Speech Analysis

Voice Quality Improvement: Pitch, Loudness, Pacing/Speed Control Techniques

Grammatical Speech Correction: Verb Tense & Agreement, Consistency, Appropriate Usage

Common Collocations & Self-Correction: Applying Concepts to Natural Speech

Mouth Movement Exercises, Articulation, and Breath Techniques

Best Practices for Public Speaking and Presentations in Corporate Settings

Preliminary Assessment, Strategic Improvement Plan, Final Assessment/Recommendations

A Word about Methodology
All of the courses offered by English by the Hour are created for non-native speakers of English. They are 1-1 sessions with a Personal Coach designed to achieve results quickly and create transformational change using the 4 core areas of Communicative Competence: Grammatical, Discourse, Socio-linguistic, and Strategic. The materials are customized to match the individual’s needs, goals, and abilities.

All of the courses are short, directed and to-the-point. The classes are focused on results and achievement. Theory is used but only as a segue to practice. All skills and techniques learned are practiced throughout the course.

Courses are intended to empower participants to be successful rather than to rely on the instructor or other native speakers. For this reason, resources and techniques are emphasized so that the participant understands how to continue to progress after the course has ended.

Courses are typically 10 sessions in length, one hour each, once per week for 10 weeks. The Advanced American Accent Acquisition Course is 5 sessions.

After each course, the student has the option to continue at an hourly rate in the subject matter of the course as often as s/he feels the need to reinforce the new patterns and insure that progress is being made.

List of Courses:

American Accent Acquisition

Advanced American Accent Acquisition

Executive Presence

Delivering a Presentation in American English

Business Conversations Through Role Playing

American English in the Workplace

Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Enrichment