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Learn to Speak with Confidence!

Course Outline: This course starts with a linguistic evaluation based on a verbal diagnosis of free speaking, reading text, and reading a dialogue. Based on the evaluation, key areas of focus are determined (both segmental and suprasegmental) to include: pronunciation of individual vowels and consonants, word stress patterns, and intonation patterns, as well as rhythm, linking, articulation and resonance exercises, and breath work. The intent is to develop an accent as close to a standard regional American accent, characteristic of Midwestern or California speakers.

The three areas of focus include:

1. Pronunciation of individual vowels and consonants:

  • Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Practice articulating both long and short vowels
  • Learn how to pronounce consonants in all environments: initial, medial, and final
  • Tongue twisters & articulation exercises
  • Breath exercises

2. Word stress patterns:

  • Rules of both English and foreign-derived words
  • Dividing words into syllables
  • Syllable length
  • Stressed and unstressed syllables
  • Word form stress shift patterns
  • Nouns, adjectives & adverbs vs. verbs
  • Compound nouns

3. Intonation, rhythm, and linking:

  • Neutral or “unmarked” patterns for statements and questions
  • Contrastive stress and usage
  • Content vs. function words
  • Rhythm and linking
  • Word clustering/grouping and Powerful Pauses

Most importantly: transfer and error correction techniques and exercises to support change!

The course includes a book, a Guide to Speaking American English with Clarity & Confidence and audio & video program, and is customized to address the individual issues of the client.

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