CANCELLATION POLICY: I agree to pre-schedule my sessions with my Coach to give a minimum of 24 business hours notice if I wish to reschedule an appointment. I understand that if I give less notice, I will be charged for the session. This means that for a Monday session, I must give notice by the Friday before. I must email and receive a return confirmation a minimum of 24 hours in advance, with the exception of documented medical emergencies.

I give my permission for video recordings to be made during the sessions and to be available for me to download. It is my responsibility to download the recordings after the sessions each week for later reference. There is no guarantee the recordings will be available for an extended period of time.

I agree to arrive on time for each session so that the sessions can be conducted in a timely manner. If I arrive late to a session, I understand that the session will still end at the pre-scheduled time.

I realize that there are no guarantees that I will lose my accent entirely. My progress is largely dependent on my own motivation, drive, and commitment. The best results are achieved by those who attend the sessions on a regular basis without interruptions.

If I purchase 10 or 15 sessions, I have 6 months to complete my sessions. If I purchase 20 or 25 sessions, I have one year to complete my sessions. I understand that if I do not attend the sessions within this time frame, I will be dropped as a student from this program and will not receive a refund. I further understand that refunds are not available and the lessons are not transferable to another person.  If I continue to take sessions at English by the Hour after the sessions are completed, I understand that I will be subject to the same conditions described in this document.


VIDEO POLICY: The video recordings are not guaranteed to be kept confidential. They reside on the Zoom server and may on occasion by accessed by others.


NO REFUND POLICY: Once you enroll in a program, you are committed to the time frame of the program and NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are unsure about the commitment, be sure to sign up for a PAID CONSULT first.