Asian Man Presentation

Deliver with Confidence!
Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended that participants take the American Accent Acquisition course first.

Course Outline: This course is a powerful short course in how to deliver a presentation to an audience. The participant prepares each part before the session, which may be one or two weeks apart, and then comes to the sessions prepared to discuss the material or present his or her presentation to the personal coach. The coach then works with the participant to determine intent, message, delivery, and communication style, providing feedback and suggestions where necessary. The goal is for the participant to feel comfortable and confident in presenting in front of an audience in American English.

  • Exploration & Clarification: Assess areas of concern and interest, including strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, and take an in depth look at audience, content, delivery, requirements, and expectations.
  • Presentation Practice: The client delivers the presentation so that the coach can point out patterns in his/her speech, make suggestions, give feedback, clarify issues, and help the client to apply techniques and strategies learned in Accent training to presentations.
  • Content, Structure & Wording: The coach helps the client to work on specific problem areas in language used, choosing correct wording, focusing on pronunciation and usage, talking freely without reading the presentation, and using clear transitional language with a variety of options.
  • Delivery: Continued practice and feedback gives the client another opportunity to practice the introduction, body and conclusion of the presentation, delivering points with clarity of intent, image, and voice quality, receiving feedback and suggestions and adjusting to incorporate best practices and correct repetitive errors.
  • Next Steps: The coach helps the client to apply concepts, techniques, and strategies learned to improve comfort and confidence in presenting in general, responding in a Q&A, and dealing with challenges, fears, or problem areas, as well as identifying best practices for continued improvement and practice.

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