Kim Jong-Un Executive Presence

Executive Presence in Politically Charged Times

Executive Presence Fake news … trade war … children in cages…
Voice Change

How Much Change is Possible?

When it comes to changing your voice, many people don't really…
Pocket Watch

Timing is Everything

This is so true of speech. You have to know when you speak quickly,…
Ocean View Breath

What Makes a Good Warm Up?

I often talk to clients about creating warm ups for their voices,…
Underwater - Hold Breath

Uhhhhh ... How to Avoid "Filler" Sounds

Many of us want to eliminate the little sounds that we utter…
Challenge Sounds

Challenge Sounds

The biggest mistake many Asian speakers make (Chinese, Filipino,…
Spanish Speaker
Dandelion Air Flow

Breath on Air Flow Sounds

Most Asians don’t use enough breath on “air flow” sounds…
Mouse with Long Tail-Exaggerate

Exaggeration is the New Normal

When I ask clients to “exaggerate” or “elongate” sounds,…
Sounding Words Out 1500px

Sounding Out Words

Most Asian speakers pronounce words as “units”. This means…

The Dangers of "Listener Fatigue"

If you speak in a way that makes it difficult for people to understand…
Who Can Help

Who Can Help

I'm always surprised when I ask clients who gives them feedback…