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Virtual Speech Coaching for Non-native English Speaking Professionals

What is Speech Coaching for Foreign-born  Executives & Non-native English Speaking Professionals all about?

Speech Coaching can take a lot of forms, and the key to what we offer at English by the Hour is that our programs are customized for non-native speakers of American English and foreign-born professionals, not general “one size fits all.”  This way we can blend elements of accent reduction (pronunciation, word stress, and intonation) with business related language (business conversations, presentations, meetings) in a way that allows people to fill in any gaps in their learning. This way clients don’t waste time on concepts they already know and don’t struggle needlessly to produce a result.

In traditional speech coaching, the focus might be on pointing out what you are doing differently, leaving you to figure out how to fix it. If you are talking too fast, for example, what can you do about it? Trying to talk more slowly often doesn’t work. Instead, you need to focus on breathing patterns  and  learn powerful pausing techniques that enable change. If feedback is received that you mumble, are not convincing or confident, or lack “charisma”, it may not be obvious what you can do about it. In our programs, we help you get to the root of the challenge so you can address it with specialized, targeted articulation, breath, movement, and delivery techniques.

Addressing “underlying patterns” is what leads to real change. If you just take advice about what to do differently, it can be challenging to integrate that advice into your daily speech and behavior. If you focus on voice quality, breathing, projection, articulation, and related muscle movement, you can enable changes at a much deeper level.

A speech coach can help you identify what you need and help you get there quickly with your specific goals in mind, monitoring your progress along the way and providing with you with tools that fit the task.

Rebecca Linquist & Bud Everts have years of experience providing coaching to clients with diverse backgrounds, including people from India, China, Latin America & Europe, facing a wide range of communication challenges in a variety of career fields from engineering to sales and marketing to management / leadership positions.

Our clients say we fast track them to success, accelerating the pathway to measurable results.  Often, they qualify for positions they wouldn’t have been effective in otherwise, and their managers and coworkers notice as well.

Don’t let your speech and communication skills hold you back! Enrolling in speech and accent coaching can provide what you need to get you where you want to go!