New Year Sparkler

Start the New Year Off Right!

As you are welcoming in the new year, you may be looking for a way to jump start your success. If you haven’t tried coaching for Speech, Voice or Accent, now may be the time!

If you have taken coaching in the past and haven’t yet gotten your ideal result, it may be time to re-engage! Over time, you may have improved in some areas and lost your steam in others. Your pronunciation may have improved, but you may now notice you aren’t stressing the right syllables. You may have changed your accent overall, but perhaps you can’t speak as loudly as you would like without effort, or maybe your pitch is challenging to control. Do people tell you to slow down when you speak, yet you’re not able to control your pacing? All of these are good reasons to seek out Speech, Voice & Accent coaching in the new year.

We look forward to meeting you if you are new to us, and we miss you if we’ve worked with you before! Contact your Coach to start upgrading your skills for the new year.