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How Do I Continue To Improve When My Sessions Are Finished?

Many clients ask me how to continue once the systematic correction sessions with your Coach have finished. Especially around the holidays when you are busy with family, celebrations, and work, how do you juggle everything without losing what you have gained in speech coaching?

Look for Patterns: In our coaching, we always focus on your patterns. Whether it’s a specific sound at the beginning, the middle or the end of the word, or whether it’s a combination of sounds (what I call a “loaded” sequence of words), you can continue to work on those issues on a daily basis. For example, I have a Vietnamese client who wants to make YouTube videos in the financial space. It’s important to realize that expectations are very high in the financial community when it comes to communication. This particular client has a lot of difficulty with the “st” combination, in words like “last or faster.” If he is planning to say something like “Your last investment” or “if you want results faster,” he will need to remember to focus on those areas to avoid dropping the sounds and potentially losing credibility. Everyone has unique challenges, so focus on yours!

Practice Daily: It’s easy to let time slip away. Come up with a daily regimen that allows you to practice without spending a lot of time. The more disciplined you are, the better and simpler the process will be. For example, you might warm up with a breathing and articulation exercise and then move on to isolated challenge sounds, and then do some free speech. Whatever you do, be consistent, and every month or so, switch it up! If you get off track, consider doing some “refresher” sessions with your Coach to get back on track. Visit and shoot us an email to schedule.

Keep Getting Feedback: If your goal is continued improvement, you have to keep up the momentum. Ask people you trust and value the opinion of to weigh in on your progress. Are you sounding more fluid? Are you using more diverse vocabulary? Are you easy to understand? Do your thoughts flow? It will motivate you and help you target your trouble areas.

Fast Track for Results: Get coaching when you need it. If you are practicing on your own and not achieving the results you desire, reach out to your Coach and get some help! Maybe it’s been a few years since you initially worked on your accent, your speech or your voice quality. It may be time for a refresher!