Below is a breakdown of our four different Internet Coaching Packages. For additional service offerings, please check out our Services page.

  • Bronze Internet Package
  • 10 sessions
  • $1950
  • American Accent Coaching
  • Pronunciation for clarity (23 vowels / 25 consonants)

    Systematic correction

    Muscle movement (mouth, jaw, lips, tongue)

    Voicing of sounds

    Endings on words

    Word stress


    Practice with self-correction & integration to natural speech

  • Silver Internet Package
  • 15 sessions
  • $2925
  • American Accent + Executive Presence
  • Everything from the Bronze Package

    Posture work to communicate with confidence and polish

    Breath and projection work to improve range, sound quality, and ability to hold sounds

    Vocal quality work to improve resonance, pitch control, and gravitas

  • Gold Internet Package
  • 20 sessions
  • $3900
  • American Accent + Executive Presence + Additional Components
  • Everything from the Silver Package
    Integration work to identify patterns, focus on natural speech and sustain change

    Application to related topics, such as public speaking, speaking up in meetings, presenting, vocabulary usage or business conversations

  • Platinum Internet Package
  • 25 sessions
  • $4875
  • American Accent + Executive Presence + Advanced Additional Components
  • Everything from the Gold Package

    More time to ensure integration by allowing for meaningful practice, ongoing support/feedback, and “check-in” points after the initial stages are complete. This allows for deeper learning, greater progress, and sustainability over a longer period of time, which helps with retention.

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