Puzzle piece

In recent years, business communication has changed, yet we don’t actively talk about how to write or speak differently in 2020, and we should. Here is a best practice for fast tracking your communication this year without losing the strength of sound business writing and speaking.

Practice: Get to the point without losing the context: It’s obvious that long-winded communication (verbal or non-verbal) will lose the reader’s / listener’s attention. Unlike in the past when people read printed books, most of us now multi-task so that even if we read, we get interrupted multiple times to respond to emails and texts or even check social media. Clearly, we need to get to the point before losing our audience’s attention; however, what most people sacrifice is context, which leads to confusion: confusion about what you may mean, what your intentions are, and what you would like from others. You aren’t likely to get what you want this way.

Strategy to set context without losing your audience:

  • Start direct

  • Explain only what is necessary to know, and tell others what you will tell them and how it affects them

  • Be direct again

  • End with clarity