Is your company located in Palo Alto? Menlo Park? San Mateo? Milpitas? Fremont? We can come to you!

If you’d like to explore having a Coach come to your place of work and your employer is interested in sponsoring you, corporate coaching is a great option. All you have to do is reserve a conference room, and we meet you there, only taking 90 minutes of your time weekly for 10 weeks to create transformational change.

Many of our corporate clients tell us they were able to leap hurtles they didn’t believe they could, and others tell us the convenience of corporate coaching made their lives easier. Onsite coaching is a direct approach to resolve challenging issues around your communication so that you can be more effective in meetings, presentations, and leadership contexts.

We focus on your speech and delivery: your clarity of articulation, your vocal quality, your delivery, and removing any patterns and habits that prevent you from being effective. Our focus is on helping non-native English speakers, who are competent in their fields, demonstrate that competence in fluid American English that sends a professional, cohesive, and decisive message.

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Conducted by Rebecca Linquist or Bud Everts or Michelle Knoop

For public speaking, or engagements – such as keynotes, high-profile presentations, team meetings and off-sites.


  • Full one-hour Initial consultation and diagnostic meeting at your office
  • 54-page behavioral change “Guide to Speaking American English with Clarity & Confidence” and additional customized exercises
  • Audio files downloadable to your smart phone or other audio device
  • Link to Online Video Library
  • Full speech analysis, suggested best practices & customization, pattern identification
  • 10 ninety-minute intense, pattern changing sessions designed to create lasting and sustainable change
  • Systematic correction, transfer techniques & self-error correction practice
  • Grammatical Correction of Speech
  • Progress Report with Action Items
  • Full one-hour final analysis session

All Sessions conducted by a Corporate Coach & American Accent Specialist trained in the specialized English by the Hour behavioral change methodology.

Total Cost Per Participant: $3800 – $4650*

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