Create transformational change using the 4 core areas of Communicative Competence: Grammatical, Discourse, Socio-linguistic, and Strategic.

Our Clients

Clients are non-native speakers of American English in the Silicon Valley who are Professionals, Executives, Managers, Engineers / Technical Experts, Sales / Marketing Specialists.

Language Evaluation

Custom learning plan based on linguistic evaluation on a verbal diagnosis of free speaking, reading text, and reading a dialogue.

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Do you live outside of the Bay Area? Access our experienced coaches from anywhere in the world!

Do you ever fear your voice doesn’t represent you well when you present? Or prevent you from speaking up in meetings? That your English still sounds different after living in the US for years? Or that your words aren’t aligned with your message? Maybe you need a Speech Coach, let’s work on that!

Maybe you are struggling to get where you want to be in your career … running into roadblocks, just when you thought you were on the right track. Maybe the promotion you were expecting doesn’t come through, and you’re told it has something to do with your “communication skills.” Or maybe you have been in the same job for years and would like to move away from your “comfort zone” … transition from a purely technical position to one that involves marketing, or program management, or leadership. If that’s the case, you’ll need to improve your speech, your voice quality, your depth of expression, how others see you.

If you think this is overwhelming, coaching can provide the solution. It’s not about giving you the answers. At English by the Hour, Rebecca & Bud listen to you to determine what areas of focus would provide the most value, and then we work with you 1-1 based on your specific needs to generate insights and then help you implement the ones you are most drawn to.

Coaching can create change in as little as 10 weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but it always awakens your curiosity and intensifies awareness so that you can see your situation more clearly and choose the best course of action, and then begin to follow it to get results.

That might mean learning to speak with deeper, richer resonance to gain more credibility. That might mean learning to breathe and move effortlessly to create fluidity in your delivery and slow the pace of your speech. It might mean intense pronunciation work to improve clarity and distinct articulation, or increasing your pitch range so that you vary your speech more to engage an audience more fully.

Our seasoned coaching staff provides you with opportunities to explore what could work for you in a “safe space” where you can take risks, practice new approaches, and get immediate feedback that can transform your career options dramatically and help you grow personally and professionally.

We work exclusively with non-native speakers of American English. That could mean foreign-born professionals, but it might also be people born in the US of non-native speaking parents from other places. We have numerous clients from all regions of the world. We leverage our linguistic knowledge of how other languages affect your American English expression to help you gain the advantage of clarity, confidence, depth, and connection.

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