Create transformational change using the 4 core areas of Communicative Competence: Grammatical, Discourse, Socio-linguistic, and Strategic.

Our Clients

Clients are non-native speakers of American English in the Silicon Valley who are Professionals, Executives, Managers, Engineers / Technical Experts, Sales / Marketing Specialists.

Language Evaluation

Custom learning plan based on linguistic evaluation on a verbal diagnosis of free speaking, reading text, and reading a dialogue.

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Internet Coaching

Do you live outside of the Bay Area? Access our experienced coaches from anywhere in the world!

Do you ever fear your voice doesn’t represent you well when you present? Or prevent you from speaking up in meetings? That your English still sounds different after living in the US for years? Or that your words aren’t aligned with your message? Maybe you need a Speech Coach, let’s work on that!

We work exclusively with non-native speakers of American English. That could mean foreign-born professionals, but it might also be people born in the US of non-native speaking parents from other places. We have numerous clients from all regions of the world. We leverage our linguistic knowledge of how other languages affect your American English expression to help you gain the advantage of clarity, confidence, depth, and connection.