I will attend one diagnostic and one final analysis session of one hour in length, and 10 sessions of 90 minutes in length in order to complete this agreement. I will preschedule these sessions to meet on a regular basis, although sessions will not be held during most major holidays. Make-up sessions are allowable, but doing so may adversely impact my progress.


This program includes:

–          a complete Speech Analysis and customization of my specific speech patterns & issues

–          a 54-page behavioral change “Guide to Speaking American English with Confidence & Clarity

–          access to the EBTH online video library and downloadable audio files for my focused daily practice

–          a copy of Longman’s Advanced American Dictionary with software to record my speech and compare it to a nature speaker for any word in the dictionary

–          1 diagnostic session and 1 final analysis session of 60 minutes in length onsite at my location

–          10 or 15 1-1 personal coaching sessions of 90 minutes in length to be scheduled with my Coach at mutually agreed upon dates and times to take place at my preferred business location.

–          additional handouts/materials to supplement the text and address my specific speech issues


CANCELLATION POLICY:  I must call 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule my appointment or I will be charged for the session, with the exception of documented medical emergencies. If I am unable to make an appointment, I may call to request a schedule change within the 48-hour period; however, there is no guarantee that the request will be accommodated as it is subject to availability.


Cost for the package: $3800 (10 sessions) or $4850 (15 sessions), all inclusive, payable by cash, check or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover) before the first session begins. Payment is due at time of enrollment to guarantee availability and secure time in the Coach’s schedule since these are 1-1 sessions.


If I want a recording of all or some of my sessions, I may bring a recorder to the sessions, but it is my responsibility to make any desired recordings.


I agree to arrive prepared for each session with my materials (manuals and past handouts) in hand. I agree to arrive on time for each session so that the sessions can be conducted in a timely manner. If I arrive late to a session, I understand that the session will still end at the pre-scheduled time.


I realize that sessions are may be recorded for purposes of linguistic analysis. I give my permission for these recordings to be used for analysis only. The use would be restricted to demonstrating my progress in the program.


I further realize that there are no guarantees that I will lose my accent entirely. My progress is largely dependent on my own motivation, drive, and commitment. The best results are achieved by those who attend the sessions on a regular basis without interruptions.


I have read and agree to the above conditions. I also understand that if I do not attend the sessions within a 6 month time frame, I will be dropped as a student from this program and will not receive a refund. If I continue to take sessions at English by the Hour after the 10 sessions are completed, I understand that I will be subject to the same conditions described in this document.


I AGREE to the terms and conditions above and wish to proceed to checkout


I DO NOT agree to the terms and conditions above