Speech & Accent Reduction Internet Coaching via WebEx

Do you live in Boston? New York City? San Francisco? Phoenix? Austin? If you are looking for a way to engage with a professional speech & accent coach to improve how you sound and how you are perceived my others, you may find professional coaching is the answer!

You can meet privately with your Coach, where confidentiality is preserved. You can receive insightful feedback that your colleagues may feel uncomfortable telling you and then work to create change over a 10 week period. Our challenging programs allow you to focus on several key areas simultaneously, qualify what types of practice and systematic change will most benefit you, and then implement those changes under the guidance of an expert.

Every week your Coach will listen to you, give you exercises to do and record them in video on Zoom, which we provide you with, so all you have to do is show up, be yourself, and be willing to put in some effort to create change!

Check out our testimonials to learn more about the experiences of our diverse, multicultural customer base to learn how they have benefited from our coaching.

We look forward to working with you soon to help you achieve your speech and professional goals!

Conducted by Bud Everts or Rebecca Linquist


  • Initial meeting, diagnostic & “tech check” prior to starting sessions
  • 54-page behavioral change “Guide to Speaking American English with Clarity & Confidence” & additional customized exercises
  • Downloadable audio files for use in your smart phone or other audio device
  • Access to online Video library files to accompany text.
  • Full speech analysis, suggested best practices & customization, pattern identification
  • 10 or 15 one hour intense, pattern changing sessions designed to create lasting and sustainable change
  • Systematic correction, transfer techniques & self-error correction practice
  • Accent & Speech coaching: pronunciation, word stress, intonation, mouth movement & voice quality
  • Executive Presence Coaching: posture, breath & alignment of movement with speech
  • Grammatical Correction of Speech
  • Progress Report with Action Items

All sessions conducted by a Personal Coach & American Accent Specialist trained in the specialized English by the Hour behavioral change methodology.

Total Cost Per Participant: $1750 (10 Sessions) or $2500 (15 Sessions)
Additional sessions may be added for $175 each

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