The Dangers of "Listener Fatigue"

If you speak in a way that makes it difficult for people to understand…
Who Can Help

Who Can Help

I'm always surprised when I ask clients who gives them feedback…
Tech Guy

In For A Shock Transitioning From High Tech Guru To Marketing Or Sales

I find it interesting that so many technology clients tell me…
Public Gathering

Questions You Can Ask

So what kinds of questions can you ask strangers at a public…

What is Happening Behind the Curtain When Someone Talks at Breakneck Speed

In my last couple of postings, I mentioned how talking fast (in…
India Flag

The Complexity of Indian Accents in American English

Not everyone from India has the same accent, so what's important…

Monitoring Your Body Tension

Just like changing our timing to control our speed (or rate of…

3 Important Mindset Shifts: Resistance to Change in Speech & Accent

Most of us have some resistance to changing ourselves, even if…
Ease and Grace

Ease & Grace: Applying Insights from Movement to Speech

Recently I have noticed a much-needed return to the movement…
Open Ended Questions

Open Ended Questions

When it comes to small talk, we're often told to ask open-ended…

Why Do You Need a Speech Coach?

It's always been surprising to me how often clients tell me they…
Mountain Range

When in India

When I was in India meeting with a Voice Coach, he kept asking…