Climbing Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Speech Ladder

In my business, I meet a lot of people who aren't really sure…

Just Like a Dancer

Even if you are not a dancer, you can apply some tips from dancing…
Facial Expression

Facial Movement

Asians often skimp on facial movement. That is, the face doesn’t…

Your Body is a Musical Instrument

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that posture and speech…
Executive Speech Coaching Audience

When it Comes to Executive Speech Coaching… What Really Matters?

As a Speech Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to thousands…
Melania Trump Shaking HandsMelania Trump Shaking Hands

Should Melania Trump Speak with an American Accent?

As a Speech & Accent Coach, I often question to what extent…

Deceptively Similar Sounds

Some sounds seem “deceptively similar.” For Koreans, the…