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by Sue Cheung on English by the Hour
Industry: Technology
Job Title: CFO
City, State: Sunnyvale, CA

I have been working with Rebecca on various personal coaching sessions of accent reduction and executive communication. It has been a privilege to have her as my personal coach. She not only helped me with English speech, but also helped me with executive presentation and communication. She is a skilled speech expert especially in working with foreign born executives.

by Anna Krylova on English by the Hour
Industry: Consulting (Audit)
Job Title: Senior Manager
City, State: San Jose, CA

Working with Rebecca was an amazing experience! She is a great teacher. We worked on my accent reduction, pronunciation and widening my vocabulary (we had 20 classes). Rebecca is very patient. I liked her personalized approach. She gave me a lot of references to the different sources of information that can help me to work on my English by myself, like TV shows, books, vocabularies. My conversational skills and pronunciation improved significantly. I built confidence that everyone noticed. Personal classes are very effective and Rebecca is a great professional who can help.

by Nikita Kozlovski on English by the Hour
Job Title: Founder at Done!

Rebecca can quickly pinpoint areas of your speech that give you an accent and focus on eliminating or reducing them over the course of 10 weeks. You begin to notice real changes towards the end of the course and can learn to self-correct your speech. Highly recommend.

by Pirie Jensen on English by the Hour
Job Title: Risk Management & Financial Services at State Farm

Rebecca’s services are invaluable to business people who speak English as a second language. She has many years of experience in the field of accent reduction. Accent reduction is paramount to success.I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services.

by Veronica Calzada on English by the Hour
Job Title: Owner at VFMS

Rebecca is a very professional woman that has developed the perfect technique to help people like me, foreigners that are determined to improve our English skills here in the United States or any where in the world, After attending her classes my confidence is back, now nobody can make me feel uncomfortable anymore.Thank you so much Rebecca you are awesome ?

by Patrick Nicolas on English by the Hour
Industry: Technology
Job Title: Lead Software Engineer at Dell

Rebecca’s systematic approach to accent reduction was instrumental in improving my English pronunciation. Her process relies on an initial rigorous analysis to identify one’s shortcomings and customize the remedial one on one sessions.Rebecca turned routine exercises into interesting challenges making it a lot easier for me to follow the discipline necessary to success.

by Marina Shrago on English by the Hour
Job Title: Financial Reporting Analyst

I have worked with a number of accent trainers, and Rebecca is very unusual in providing a detailed breakdown of what needs to be fixed in writing right after the first session, setting detailed goals, and following a clear lesson plan with measurable results. After 10 sessions with Rebecca I noticed that I no longer need to repeat myself when talking to someone in person, and almost never when talking on the phone.Throughout the lessons Rebecca has been unfailingly professional and open to my specific needs and requirements.

by Vivek Suryanarayana on English by the Hour
Job Title: Technology Professional-Peoria, AZ

I’ve greatly benefitted from Rebecca’s coaching, so much so that I feel like a totally new and confident person. As an Indian English speaker, I have a fairly good English but to excel in business I had to ensure I was speaking the American English, hitting the right syllables and pronouncing the words correctly. I enrolled with Rebecca for internet based coaching classes to speak American English. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, I got so much more than just learning English. She helped me with keep the right posture, breathing techniques, intonation. I began to see clear and positive changes to my personality, in way I could project my voice with adequate volume, be more confident about the pronunciation. My family and my friends were greatly pleased with my clarity in speech. Rebeccais a keen observer, she notices the smallest of nuances and guides you to work on it. She, gives you some great exercises that help in speech improvement, and also manage stress. Now, I’m convinced she’s put the best coaching package out there, a combination of English, Posture, Stress Management and Positive thinking that so effortlessly make you a great speaker and build a great network of friends and business to succeed in our personal and business life. Whenever I have a speaking event or important business meeting, I’ll be reaching out to Rebecca for preparation and success. Thanks Rebecca !

by Jonathan Ng on English by the Hour
Job Title: Cardiologist & Expert Witness-San Jose, CA

I have been taking English accent reduction lessons from Ms. Rebecca Linquist for some time. She is very effective. She know how to teach. She has never been wrong about any pronunciation of any words.From some one who had a heavy accent Ms. Linquist has turned me into one who can use Dragon Dictation with a 99 % accuracy. Whatever she charges you, it is a steal!

by Ken Chiu on English by the Hour
Job Title: Engineer & Product Manager-San Francisco, CA

I have been attending Rebecca’s American accent training for almost 6 years now. She is one of the best English teacher I have met so far. Through the training, I can now speak in public with a greater confidence. This is very important in my career transition. Recently I have made a career switch from engineering field to a product management job. The communication training really helped me going through a lot of tough interviews and finally landed me a dream job that I had been pursing after getting a MBA degree. I personally believe that good communication is very important in advancing my career as it is the first impression how people perceive you. Right now, I could give any presentation with greater ease and being understood more easily. I highly recommend this accent training to any professionals who would like to get help advance their career and speak English like a native speaker.

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