Climbing Ladder

Climbing the Corporate Speech Ladder

In my business, I meet a lot of people who aren't really sure…

Just Like a Dancer

Even if you are not a dancer, you can apply some tips from dancing…
Facial Expression

Facial Movement

Asians often skimp on facial movement. That is, the face doesn’t…

Your Body is a Musical Instrument

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that posture and speech…
Executive Speech Coaching Audience

When it Comes to Executive Speech Coaching… What Really Matters?

As a Speech Coach, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to thousands…
Melania Trump Shaking HandsMelania Trump Shaking Hands

Should Melania Trump Speak with an American Accent?

As a Speech & Accent Coach, I often question to what extent…

Deceptively Similar Sounds

Some sounds seem “deceptively similar.” For Koreans, the…
Kim Jong-Un Executive Presence

Executive Presence in Politically Charged Times

Executive Presence Fake news … trade war … children in cages…
Voice Change

How Much Change is Possible?

When it comes to changing your voice, many people don't really…
Pocket Watch

Timing is Everything

This is so true of speech. You have to know when you speak quickly,…
Ocean View Breath

What Makes a Good Warm Up?

I often talk to clients about creating warm ups for their voices,…
Underwater - Hold Breath

Uhhhhh ... How to Avoid "Filler" Sounds

Many of us want to eliminate the little sounds that we utter…